Authentic sparkle and beauty from Kyoto since 1861

Delivering a unique allure since the company was founded in 1861.

Imayo was established as a haberdashery
wholesaler in Kyoto's Gojo Sakai-machi
district in 1861. Ever since, it has sought
"Omoshiro no hanazakari"
("the allure of blooming flowers"),
offering enjoyable, elegant and interesting
items as tasteful and refined Imayo genuine

Gorgeously adorning the feminine form for 160 years

Imayo's accessory business began with
ornamental combs and hairpins to complement
the timeless Japanese kimono, subsequently
expanding into jewelry to complement western
dress as fashion evolved.
Today the company is involved in every stage
of the jewelry business, from directly procuring
gemstones to design, fabrication,
and marketing of jewelry.
The skills of master craftsmen create a natural
brilliance to deliver authenticity and beauty.

Kagayoi -- jewelry that embodies the true spirit of Kyoto

Kyoto long flourished as Japan's capital, attracting
the nation's most skilled craftsmen to create the finest
beauty and elegance in each era and establish Kyoto's
unique aesthetic sense.
Refined here in Kyoto, Imayo's discriminating taste and
exceptional craftsmanship gave birth to Kagayoi jewelry.
The name "Kagayoi" comes from the Japanese word
"kagayou" or "shimmering light." The grace and beauty
of Kagayoi jewelry beckons to the natural aesthetic
sense in every woman.