KAGURUMA The eternal light and airy beauty of turning wheels

The wheels of lavishly decorated oxcarts that nobles sent to Kyoto’s festivals

The Kaguruma Collection features designs reminiscent of the wheels of the lavishly decorated oxcarts that Japanese nobles once sent to Kyoto’s festivals. The scattering of diamonds is like blooming flowers, expressing the laughter and joy of the princesses riding in the oxcarts.

Light and airy wheels

An oxcart rolling along a Kyoto street looks like a page out of a picture book. The gaiety of a princess on her way to a festival, the glimpse of her colorful kimono discretely peeking out from behind the bamboo screen, and the fragrance that wafts through the air with her movements all come together in this wheel design.

The craftsman’s skills sparkle in the wheels

The exceptional skill of the craftsman sparkles in the spokes of platinum radiating out from the center. Kagayoi’s original “Shinogi” technique was developed in collaboration with expert metal craftsmen, demanding precision calculations and numerous prototypes. Delicate yet strong, the reflecting light creates the appearance that the wheels are actually turning.

Kaguruma Collection