Hanaougi A beautiful fan that gives modern expression to the brilliance of a bygone era

Timeless beauty Refined elegance that inspires the soul

From ancient times, Japanese folding fans have been treasured for use in daily life, special ceremonies and artistic stage performances, and are said to invite good fortune when opened. This timeless fan is given unique expression as jewelry.

Embodying an age-old splendor

Providing a gentle waft of cooling air, invoking an invitation to good fortune, an elegant accessory to fashionable attire. Often used in traditional ceremonies and artistic performances. The fan whose shape has remained unchanged for over 1,000 years since the ancient Heian Period gives modern expression to the brilliance of a bygone era.

Unfolding in resplendent harmony

Hanaougi Ring
(Winner of the Governor of Tokyo Award at the 2016 JJA Jewelry Design Awards)
The auspicious lines of the spread open fan resonate around the large ruby that serves as a pivot. Projecting a three-dimensional appearance, the ring nevertheless lays smoothly along the finger. The fan’s sides spread out magnificently and the tassel gently swings, unified in a design that expresses beauty and brilliance from every angle.

Hanaougi Collection