Hanamidori With a gentle modern brilliance, the transparent depth of jade brings a sense of tranquility

Jade’s deep green evokes the image of a Japanese rock garden

The deep green color of jade is accentuated by diamonds and white jade, creating a restrained elegance that is fresh and modern to suit any type of fashion or situation.

Carefully selected jade

Jade has long been treasured for its elegant luster and subdued color, which is well suited to the Japanese complexion. For generations, Imayo has sought out high quality jade of unsurpassed color, luster, and transparency.

Evoking the delicate essence of a Japanese rock garden

A Japanese rock garden uses ripples and waves in sand to depict natural geographical features such as rivers and seas. In the Hanamidori Collection, diamonds are used to express the rippling flow of water, while jade depicts the green mountains of Kyoto. The imagination flows freely to awaken the inherent sparkle of the wearer.

Hanamidori Collection