Hanakoshi Serendipitous encounters shape a glittering destiny

Kyoto’s thoroughfares radiate brilliance where people meet.

In life we encounter turning points.
This design portrays the brilliance born at the instant of serendipitous encounters, taking inspiration from Kyoto’s network of avenues where people interact. The grid pattern of the city’s streets resembles the elegant squares formed by the lines on a go game board.

Kyoto’s streets, an intricate grid pattern

The elegantly precise intersection of Kyoto’s streets and the flow of people as they come and go. Sunlight filtering in through the latticed window of a Kyoto townhouse shines with hope for the future. The brilliance of the geometrically aligned platinum and diamonds sparkles with every movement, making it a delight to wear.

The delicate linearity of exquisite craftsmanship

A proprietary technique is used to delineate the fine ridges on top and under the slender platinum lattices, projecting exquisite beauty from every angle and emphasizing the detailed precision of the intersecting lines. The upper two overlapping lattices gently oscillate with the wearer’s every movement, magnifying the intrinsic brilliance of the platinum and diamonds.

Hanakoshi Collection