Hanakasane A beautiful name with a beautiful meaning, the color combinations of traditional kimono bring out the best of modern clothing

Evoking the seasons and stimulating the senses to appeal to the mind with graceful beauty

Jewelry with the color combinations of the flowers that bloom in each season, the marriage of colored gemstones lends new meaning to a name long associated with beauty.

Multilayer color combinations

With color combinations carefully selected according to the season, the event, or the persons involved, the gorgeous multilayer ceremonial robes of Heian Period court ladies represented a culture of beauty unique to Kyoto. The vivid colors of those multilayered collars and hems have been expressed in the color gradations of the Hanakasane Collection.

Emphasis on the perfect curve

Just as the collar of a kimono naturally fits the neck, the curves of these necklaces have been meticulously designed to flow perfectly along the lines of the neck. The multilayered design at the breast is intended to evoke the collar of a kimono, creating a beautiful appearance even when seen from the rear.

Hanakasane Collection